Foundations for Teaching English Language Learners: Research, Theory, Policy, and Practice

Wayne E. Wright
ISBN: 978-1-934000-01-4
Paperback: 336 pages
Published: April, 2010

Print: $94.95
eText: $54.95

This is a comprehensive text on English language learner education for students in elementary and secondary teacher education, reading/literacy, special education, TESOL, bilingual education, and educational leadership programs. It addresses state mandates in ELL education and prepares educators to meet state competency requirements.

It includes an interactive companion website that takes advantage of the collaborative technologies of web 2.0.

Students will learn to

  • Identify sociocultural characteristics of ELLs
  • Apply theories of second language acquisition, literacy development, and culture to practice
  • Teach oral language, reading, and writing to ELLs
  • Make content comprehensible to ELLs
  • Make research-based decisions about effective policies, programs, and assessments for ELLs
  • Teach social and academic language (oral and written) across the currciculum to ELLs
  • Make subject-area content comprehensible to ELLs
  • Use the primary language and technology to support learning
  • Integrate ELLs into the academic mainstream

Special Features

  • Guiding questions and key terms in each chapter preview major concepts
  • Tables, boxes, figures, glossary, vignettes, teaching strategies, and samples of student work make chapter content accessible and practical
  • End-of-chapter self-assessment activities, discussion questions, research activities, and recommended readings extend student learning
  • Companion Web site with online discussions, wiki-this activities; links to classroom materials, lesson planning frameworks, videos of classroom strategies, digests, briefs, and other professional development resources; and a bonus ehandbook on advocacy
  • Professors' Resource Room for professors only, includes a course syllabus, PowerPoint slides for lectures, a control panel for easy monitoring of student work, and a discussion board that allows professors to connect and collaborate with other professors using Foundations for Teaching English Language Learners

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